Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

Hi Everybody!      
      With the start of the new year, I thought I would attempt to start a blog.  It's been something that I've always wanted to do, but had just never had the time.  So, I thought when would be a better time to start then with the new year!  And, what a better way to start a new blog then with talking about one of my favorite things:  SNOW!!!

       I love snow.  As some have said, probably almost to the point of obsession.  There is just something so beautiful about snow falling down from the sky (did you know it takes one hour for a snow flake to reach the ground!), and I love seeing everything covered with a fresh coating of snow.  Part of me thought that the excitement that I get from seeing snow would die down after living in NYC.  I mean, they get sooo much, so how long could it entertain me for?  But, no.  I think my love for it has escalated.

       Snow just brings along with it so many great activities.  Walking in the cold is much more bearable when you can take a lovely walk through central park and not see dead grass, but a beautiful white glistening covering the entire area around you.  Not to mention, you can go ice-skaing outside (when temps are constantly below freezing), build a snowman, have snowball fights, and go sledding (which I still need to do).  However, I must say that the city handles snow quite differently than North Carolina does.  New York City is not only the "city that never sleeps," but is also the "city that never stops!"  By the time I get out each morning (which is around 10), the sidewalks are already completely shoveled from the 9 in. of snow we got the night before!  By the time kids here graduate high school, they  probably will have seen 100X more snow than I have, but will have experienced fewer snow days then I had growing up.  Even though we got 9 in. of snow the other week, kids still had to go to school.  It's ridiculous!

      Being from the South, and assuming that many who would be reading this are too, I thought I would document what feet of snow looks like in NYC:

I couldn't believe how high it was!

                                 The Cardinal just looked so peaceful and perfect in the snow!

                                              Andrea and I at "the Mall" in Central Park!

                   Walking across a frozen pond (don't worry, it was probably only a couple of feet deep!)

                           Danger:  Thin ice.  Don't worry people, you can make it across!  :)

So Beautiful!

                                                            Ice Skating in Central Park!

                                              Michelle and I after skating in Central Park!

                                                               Look How Deep it Was!

                                                           Union Square:  So pretty!

    And, here is a little video clip that I filmed from our last snow.  It's kind of short, but it documents the fast rate of the falling snow.  It was snowing 2 in per hour, and it was thundering and lightening all at the same time!  Unreal.  Oh, and this video is probably the culprit of why I am sick with an awful cold today, so enjoy!  :)

That's all for now!  I hope that after reading this, you will find the snow even more beautiful and enjoyable!  :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hello!  This is my humble attempt to start a blog.  I intend to use this as a place to share with people what everyday life and ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ is like in NYC!  Enjoy!